The inspiration for this piece came about through serendipity. I just happened to look at a container of machined discs and this form jumped out at me. The customer had requested a circular array of holes to “lighten” the part. Two stacked parts at just the right angle to each other formed what I saw as “leaves” and this beautiful image. The form was modeled and a casting in silver was made to become a necklace and a gift.

To view this 3D pdf, follow these steps:
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3) Select a location on computer for the file.
4) Press “Save”. File should automatically open after download
5) Select anywhere on the screen to activate the 3D pdf file.
6) Under “Options” pulldown at the upper right, select “Trust this document one time only.”
7) Again, select anywhere on the screen to activate the file.
8) Select the upper-left gear icon (see screen capture below). Once the file opens. This allows you to rotate, pan, spin, zoom. Hold the left mouse button and move cursor to move image.

Screen capture of 3D pdf viewing choices